• The first and only comprehensive veterinary hospital in Fort Worth with specialists board-certified in small animal surgery and medicine, overnight emergency services and 24-hour patient care

  • Advanced 16,000-square foot facility featuring new, state-of-the-art equipment, including CT and radiation therapy

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  • Convenient location for Fort Worth and West Texas referring veterinarians and their clients

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  • Expert internal medicine and oncology case care, including radiation therapy, never before available in Fort Worth

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  • Full-service Fort Worth animal hospital providing advanced medical care from four specialty practices, each equipped with experienced doctors and support staff

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Veterinary Emergency

The Fort Worth Animal Emergency Hospital provides 24-hour emergency and critical care for ill or injured pets.
+Learn about pet emergency care.

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Veterinary Internal Medicine & Oncology

Find diagnostics and internal medicine, plus treatment of pet cancers, at Veterinary Specialists of North Texas.
+Learn more about pet internal medicine.

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Veterinary Surgery

Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center–Fort Worth is dedicated to providing advanced expertise in pet surgical care.
+Learn more about pet surgical services.

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In the Heart of Fort Worth

We provide a convenient location for Fort Worth and West Texas referring veterinarians and their clients.
+See map and directions to our facility.

  • Exceptional medicine and compassionate care: Referral-based diagnosis and treatment for Fort Worth pets, including board-certified surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, internal medicine and diagnostic imaging with 24-hour emergency and critical care.